Cml Latam Project 2020


Moonshoot Thinking

The objective of the LATAM group’s regional project is to solve the problem of drug access and obtain the best treatment and monitoring for CML patients in the Latin American region. When it comes to dreaming the impossible in the universe of human activities in English, it is called Moonshoot Thinking, which came into vogue when former Vice President Joe Biden launched the Cancer Moonshot Initiative program. However, its origin dates back to the speech of the President of the United States in the 1960s announcing the project of taking man to the moon and that in order to achieve this, an innumerable number of technological problems had to be solved that required a great technological advance in many different fields . It is estimated that the project required the participation of around 400 thousand people so that only 2 people could finally achieve the desired goal.

The countries of the Latin American region share an immensely rich continent and excluding Brazil, they share the same language and the same history. Despite this, they are very different countries and when we look inside each one we find profound differences. In particular, when reviewing the situation of access to basic medical care, from the beginning of life we ​​note the great influence represented by socioeconomic level, gender, race, ethnicity and also if they are urban or rural residents. The worst thing is that these health inequalities accumulate throughout life limiting the possibilities of social development of people and the country.

The Butterfly Effect is a topic that belongs to Chaos Theory and uses an analogy to point out that everything in the universe is closely linked to each other, that everything is interrelated and also reminds us that many things are still unknown in an incredibly complex world . The very famous phrase and from which it takes its name says:

“The slight flapping of a butterfly in one place can cause a typhoon to the other side of the world”.

If one speaks to the concept of the Butterfly Effect many things are possible that we cannot even imagine or dream of. We have the opportunity to start a project with very ambitious goals and the way to reach them is not clearly defined. However, each of the leaders of these groups of patients in Latin America who, when diagnosed with CML, started the journey to save themselves themselves and then spread to save many others. That experience that we have gained in these 10 or 20 years allows us to see very far on the horizon the goals that may seem unattainable but that working together we will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

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