José Luis Castro Aguilar
Ingeniero Eléctrico

Project Leader Cml Latam 2020 Project

In 1998 my friend Silvia was diagnosed with CML. I began to accompany her to hospital appointments and there, Doña Amalia and her husband Glenn Dewey, who had been my professor at the university, contacted us to start a support group. Thus AGALEMO was born. About two years later a pharmacist who worked with Novartis started coming to our meetings and getting us doctors to give us talks. In 2003 we already became a legalized organization. In 2005 we began to attend the meetings of Alianza Latina and in 2007 to the meetings of the CML Advocates Network. We were forced to file amparo appeals so that Silvia had access to Nilotinib and Dasatinib, which now benefits all CML patients in Costa Rica since they are part of the normal treatment for 100% of the patients.

Felipe Tapia Mathus

Project Coordinator Cml Latam Project 2020

Founding partner and Director of Communications at ProSocialWork, Administration Engineer from Inacap, Master in Public Management from the University of Christian Humanism. Social Entrepreneur, expert in CSR, NGO and social world. He has worked in different non-governmental organizations, reaching different positions such as Director of Red Alianza Latina and President of Maxivida, extensive experience in Advocasy and work with social organizations, professor at INACAP, in different disciplines, from Office to Administration, Entrepreneurship and CSR . More than 10 years he has worked as a professor of Computing and Extraprogrammatic Activities at Vitaintegración Centro de Inclusión of the Municipality of Vitacura and other foundations and centers, knowing the reality and needs of inclusion in Chile.

Nelson Brown
Systems Analyst and Web Developer

Project Coordinator Cml Latam Project 2020

Diagnosed with CML since February 2003. From 2005 I served as Representative of ASAPHE until 2015 and now in February 2020 I am the Advisor of National and International Institutional Relations for the Foundation of Assistance to the Patient with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (FUNDALMC ).

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Fernando Piotrowski
ALMA Executive Director

Project Coordinator Cml Latam Project 2020

Diagnosed with CML in August 2002, in 2006 together with other patients they founded ALMA Asociación Leukemia Mieloide Argentina, being secretary, treasurer and finally president of the OSC. Since 2013 he has served as Executive Director of the entity.